Getting Out of the Way

When I tell people in my MBA class that I do tech support, I can get some interesting looks. It’s not like it seems, I say as I try to not sound like a self-absorbed fool. I’m not sure if I’m successful there.

I help manage the development and implementation of the electronic health record for a large company in SLC. It’s an interesting business to be in. There’s lots of change and our users come from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstance.

I have two ladies that are my favorite, however. They call a lot but I don’t mind. Others will cuss and complain when they call but I just tell them to send the call over. I’ll take them any day. They’re simple, polite, and dedicated to their cause. I respect that.

These ladies date back to the days of paper health records. They often tell me how they wish they could go back; frankly, there are days I wish we could throw the whole system out myself. But the commitment to their craft is contagious. I have a lot of respect for someone who has spent that much time helping folks in need. I do what I can to support that. Even though my system may lie in the way of their work, I do my best to keep them going.