Longing for Days of Yore

I suppose it’s trendy to wish for the days when “your” thing was cool. I’ve been a long time Apple guy — far before the iPhone and iPad drug folks into the fold. I’ve read a few people wish that fewer people had iPhones so the perceived exclusivity and appeal of thinking different would return. Meh. After I turned 25 or so, crap like that doesn’t matter.

Occasionally, however, I find myself wishing that Apple was the underdog once again. Not because I want to be cool or exclusive but because I’d like the pressure to be cranked up again. I’d like for Apple to find the niche’s that appreciate their products for what they are rather than what they supposedly represent. I’d like for them to return to their roots of excellent software, innovative features, and pushing folks towards something better. People fear that iOS vs. Android is Windows vs. Mac redux. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re that lucky. In the late 90s and early 2000s, there was a hunger in Apple’s products and decisions. A quarter of trillion dollars in cash tends to satiate that.